Why can't I buy your products in a grocery store?

Tulkoff's retail segment is only about 2% of our business. The retail items that we do have are mainly sold to distributors, so we don't always know where our products end up after they leave our facility. We do our best to keep track of stores our products are in, particularly in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area, but we might not be able to direct you to a specific store/location to find our products.  

You can always email Info@Tulkoff.com and we will try to direct you as best we can, but we may not be able to do so. 


Do you ship to other countries? 

No, our online store items only ship within the United States. 


When will my order be shipped/delivered? 

At checkout you will be able to select your method of shipping however, your order may not immediately be processed. The method of shipment selected will be used when the order is processed. Processing time takes into account internal personnel availability, holidays and the day and time of the week in which the order was received. Due to all of our products being refrigerated, for food safety and quality, we will never process and ship an order that will deliver over a weekend.   

If you are concerned about the timing of receiving your order, please reach out to Info@Tulkoff.com and we can provide a better idea of when your order might ship.


Will you guarantee my shipment date?

All orders are shipped via UPS. In 2020 due to COVID-19 UPS suspended their service guarantee. To read more about this, visit the UPS site here. 


The shipping cost is too high, how are shipping rates calculated?

All of Tulkoff's products are refrigerated, therefore they must ship in cooler boxes along with ice packs. Shipping rates are calculated by UPS taking into account the dimensions of the box, weight and shipment destination.